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Author, Speaker and Transformational Mentor
I TRANSFORM people's lives!  
As a "The Positivity Strategist", I am an inspirational Author, Speaker and Transformational Mentor, and I globally help entrepreneurs, corporates and motivated individuals who are struggling with leadership, mindset and bouncing back from life's challenges.  
My book is titled "Creating Eternal Optimism: Redesign Your Thinking and Transform Your Life in 30 Days" which takes people on an interactive 30 Day Journey with 101 Strategies to redesign their thinking. 
From my talks, audiences walk away with 6 additional positivity strategies and one gigantic secret to living a positive and successful life.
I run a Entrepreneurial Business School, where I help people achieve career and business brilliance, through my GLOBAL end-to-end professional development, business mentoring and entrepreneurial leadership coaching. 


My weekly newsletter is filled with juicy tips on life, business and success.  Each email newsletter contains  inspirations and heaps of info on how to leave your corporate ratrace, and move your Entrepreneurial Business dream into reality.  Ideally for this to be of interest to you, you are a person at the pinnacle of success in your corporate world, but want to leave it to start your own business!  


You are a person who sees the value in training, learning and development, and you are READY to invest in yourself to make your future happen!

Inspirational Speaker and Author!
Inspirational Messages for Life AND Business!